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Current Exhibition

Steve Jensen: "Voyage"
March 1 - March 28, 2015   

    DRAWN TO WATER , 2014
Lynda Lowe
watercolor, oil and wax on panel
48" x 32"   

Lynda Lowe - Resonance

Resonance refers to vibrational energy. All matter from atomic particles to cosmic phenomena have unique resonant frequencies. Many sounds and sights are such, and I believe experiences have resonance too. They reverberate with an ongoing echo. Before any paint is applied, I incise diagrammatic drawings into the white prepared surface of a panel. These small geometric figures are barely visible in the work unless closely inspected. They represent the cause and effect of forces that operate beyond our easy perception. The pairing of contrasting elements such as light and dark, gesture and precision, movement and stillness, conscious and unconscious expression strengthen an understanding of wholeness and balance. The combinations suggest there are many approaches to knowing- empirical, rational, intuitive, symbolic- that the world is simultaneously cognizable, mysterious and resonant.    -Lynda Lowe

Washington-state artist Lynda Lowe studied painting, drawing and ceramics in the Midwest, ultimately earning an MFA in Painting from Indiana University. Lowe has exhibited extensively at prominent galleries nationwide and coinciding with this exhibition, she will open an exhibition on her Patra Passage project at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. To learn more about the Patra Passage click 
here. Abmeyer + Wood is very excited to be hosting Lynda Lowe's first solo exhibition in Seattle.

Click HERE to watch a brief interview with Lynda Lowe about her current exhibition at Abmeyer + Wood.


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