Can you really eat salmon skin? Find out the truth here

If you are a cooking enthusiast and love tasting salmon, have you ever wondered if it is possible to eat its skin? In this article I will reveal everything you need to know about this intriguing topic. Find out with me if it’s worth savoring this often overlooked part of your favorite dish!

Can you eat salmon skin?

Absolutely yes, it is possible to eat salmon skin. Salmon skin is one rich source of omega-3, vitamine B e Dand numerous other essential nutrients.

Salmon expert and fishmonger Steven Wong says salmon skin contains the highest concentration of omega-3s of any part of the fish, making it a healthy addition to your diet.

Nourishing Benefits of Salmon Skin

Salmon skin is not only edible but also extremely healthy. Contains natural fish oil which can help reduce high cholesterol, lower blood pressure, relieve arthritic pain and prevent heart disease.

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The gray coating between the skin and pink flesh of salmon is particularly rich in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Rich source of omega-3
  • Vitamine B e D
  • Natural fish oil

How to Cook Salmon Skin

Salmon skin can be cooked in various ways. A simple and delicious method is to brown it in a pan, skin side down. Start with a high-temperature pan to get a crispy crust.

Leave the salmon in the pan for about three minutes; the skin will initially stick to the pan, but will then lift and crisp.

Before cooking, make sure the salmon skin is completely dry by patting it dry with a paper towel.

You can also lightly score the skin to improve the texture, being careful not to cut into the flesh.

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Remove the salmon skin

If you prefer to remove the skin of the salmon, you can ask the fishmonger to do this at the time of purchase.

However, you can also make it at home: boil a pot of water and pour the hot water over the skin of the salmon. This will help loosen the skin, which can then be removed easily.

Another method is to use a chef’s knife. Make a small incision at the beginning of the skin and pull away as you move the knife under the skin, gently peeling it away from the flesh.

Alternative Uses of Salmon Skin

If you decide not to eat salmon skin, there are still useful alternatives. You can dehydrate the skin to create healthy chews for dogs or cats. This ensures that every part of the fish is used without waste.

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