Kati Vilim

oil on canvas on panel
39.50 x 39.50 in
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About the Artist

Kati Vilim

In my work I create abstract images. This type of abstraction does not happen by way of the reduction of something visible. It is created through visual ideas, originated in the invisible part of the world – much like music, or mathematics. These ideas become visible through the compositions built from geometric forms – some simple, some complex – using transparency, color, structure, ratio or rules as repetition, and symmetry. If we were to apply a label to describe this type of work, we could call it geometric abstraction.

Around the time when I became interested in art I also started to learn how the brain works, and how visual information is managed. The way in which our mind creates an image translated from reality is a complicated process – many things can get lost or added through the interpretation. Through the understanding of a new image, an art piece can help us to open up new ways to understand the world, or ourselves from a new and different aspect. With a novel combination of visual elements, an image can help us to be more aware of the process of the interpretation itself. Providing the freedom to forget the existing preconceptions or contexts, the compositions invite the viewer to enjoy the immediacy of this abstraction and develop an independent and  individual interpretation.

My compositions are about abstraction itself; they do not refer to anything in the visible world.  Abstraction is the basic subject of my work because, whether we are aware of it or not, our brain is built to work with abstract systems, and we live and function through abstract thinking. Also. abstraction makes possible the transmission between the reality of the outer world and our inner entity. It is also the mental field where culture exists and where we can communicate and find social symbiosis.

The expression of inner thoughts is transposed and the flow of information presumes transmitters, by various mediating agents, composed of abstract language systems, such as a spoken or written language, music or mathematics. These language systems possess numerous common features, e.g. structure, rhythm and ratio, and are found in all that then become the elements, with the addition of color on which my compositions are based.

Using a traditional way of painting, combined with a world of simple forms, I am expressing new visual contents in the current era – contents that are characterized by a way of seeing, strongly influenced by technology and industrial development.


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