Kymia Nawabi "WOUND TO WONDER"

December 3, 2018 - January 30, 2019

“The works in ‘Wound to Wonder’ are about a concern for my future with a focus on two main concepts.  The first theme for the works is protecting one’s self through invented costumes functioning as veilings, talismans, as well as encasings such as the chrysalis.  The second theme for the works is becoming a mother with a focus on life lost as a new one begins, hence the title of the exhibition.

The works featuring various “veilings” all focus on what I consider to be a talisman, something worn to protect oneself from evil and harm.  These ornate outfits also touch on this idea of non-traditional suits of armor I have been working on for a few years now. Worn to protect and serve as a barrier from the outside world, they can also seem quite playful, other-worldly and elegant at times, giving the individual an assertiveness and comfort.

Recently there has been an additional theme integrating itself into the work. With attempts to become a mother and start a family with my partner, we have been through loss of life (wound) and finally what became a healthy pregnancy (wonder). My works have begun to tie in imagery speaking of the psychological and physical changes with a growing womb, filled with magical phenomena. Self-trust, confidence and longevity have also started to inspire imagery such as the introduction of the wolf spirit animal and the crane and stork.

This exhibition takes the viewer through my journey in finding balance and peace from having gone from being wounded to being given beautiful wonder. That very concept of growth and positive occurrences after having gone through difficult circumstances can cross over into many facets and stories from life.”


-Kymia Nawabi