Jacob Foran


February 2 - February 28, 2017


Jacob Foran's sculpture blurs the lines between narrative and abstract, eloquent and absurd, dream and reality. The current exhibition, In Between Dreams,  explores subjects of love, mortality, discovery and childhood.  

For Foran outer space and underwater are metaphorical landscapes that, respectively speaking, express the forces that exist around us and therefore influence the emotion within us. In his work, technology such as rockets, space suits, and diving helmets signify a physical boundary between humanity and environment.  This is a two-fold plot, since at the same time, they symbolize exploration and discovery- a curiosity for the unknown and a fascination with creation.

Jacob Foran first moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend a graduate program at University of Washington. He received his MFA in 2010 and has stayed in Seattle, teaching classes at UW, Seward Park Clay Studio and is currently a faculty member in the Visual Arts Department at Lakeside Upper School.