Catherine Eaton Skinner

"I am an artist, a painter, and a sculptor. I draw from my past as a Northwest native, growing up within the old growth firs and cedars, learning the names of the flora and fauna east and west of our mountains. I became a biological illustrator after graduating from Stanford University and returned to the Northwest to live and farm on San Juan Island for twenty years. Now I live and work in two cities, Seattle and Santa Fe." -Catherine Eaton Skinner

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Catherine Eaton Skinner Tsa Tsa 108.1
Tsa Tsa 108.1
12 x 108 x 8 in
Catherine Eaton Skinner AnKana IV
AnKana IV
24 x 20 x 2 in
Catherine Eaton Skinner AnKana V
AnKana V
24 x 20 x 2 in
Catherine Eaton Skinner CONCATENATION VI
3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 120, Works per page


Catherine Eaton Skinner

Catherine Eaton Skinner

Catherine Eaton Skinner Resumé

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Glass Casting with Susan Balshor, Pratt Fine Arts Center

Summer Session with Judy Hill, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA

Beyond Monotype, Ron Pokrasso; College of Santa Fe Print Center, NM

Beyond Monotype, Ron Pokrasso; College of Santa Fe Print Center, NM

Master Workshop, Anne Truitt; Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico Stone Lithography, Phyllis McGibbon; University of Washington & Pratt Fine Arts Center

Master Painting Workshop, Nathan Oliveira; Santa Fe Art Institute, NM

Print Workshop, Linda Goodman; Florence, Italy
Hopkins Marine Station; Research written, illustrated & published, Monterey, CA

B.S., Biology, Art Minor under Nathan Oliveira & Frank Lobdell Stanford University, CA

Stanford in Italy, Spring-Summer; Florence, Italy

Best In Show, Essence of Asia, Asian Fusion Gallery, New York, New York

Tacoma Glass Museum, panel member

Within / Without, Fototeca de Cuba, Havanna, Cuba
Best of Show- Some Like it Art, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA

Within / Without, Contemporary Photographs of Cuba, Bumbershoot Art Festival curated by Catherine Eaton Skinner & Clair Garoutte

“Best of Show”, Watermark ’99 – Works on Paper; Studio 107, Whiteville, NC
“Best of Show”, Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts Juried; Clallam Art Gallery

Selected Exhibitions
Lam Du, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

Speak For The Trees, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID and Seattle, WA

Ngurra, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA
A Sense of Place, Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Augusta, GA
Marking Sacred, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
Underwater,Western Bridge, Seattle,WA Paper In Particular, Columbia College, Columbia, MO
Houseguests,Linda Durham Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Relics And Remembrances, Fountainhead Gallery, New York, NY
Photography Quartet, Exhibitor & Curator, Ceskinner Studio, Seattle, WA
Airborne, Northbank Gallery, Vancouver, WA
Environmental Destiny, Northbank Gallery, Vancouver, WA
The Fine Art Of Drawing, Florida State University Museum Of Fine Art, Tallahassee, FL
What Does Compassion Look Like? Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

One Cannot Reach the Sky by Climbing a Ladder, Seattle, WA
Migration, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA
Corners.Contour, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA
Essence of Asia: Eastern Influence in Western Art, Fusion Gallery in the Asian Cultural Center, New York, NY
Matters Maternal: ArtsNow Gallery, Edmonds Conference Center, Edmonds Community College.

Under A Sky of Innocence, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
Wordless Stories, Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA
Painted On, Hedreen Gallery, Lee Center For The Arts, Seattle University, Seattle, WA
Interpretations, Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle, WA
Wordless Stories, Museum Of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA
Matters Maternal, Catherine Eaton Skinner And Anne John, Northbank Gallery, Vancouver, WA

Expansion, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA
Lucky 7, Winston-Wachter Gallery, Seattle, WA
TORA, Mount Vernon, WA
Photgraphique- Salon Series, Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Third Annual Book Arts Exhibit, Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA

River Deep and Wide, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
“Gya-Gye”, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA
Anne John and Catherine Eaton Skinner, RC Gallery, Portland, OR
Ka-ta, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
4 from the Northwest, Winston-Wachter Gallery
The Nude, Lexington Art League, Lexington KY
Janet Turner National Print Competition Exhibition,1078 Gallery, Chico, CA

“Medium Rare”, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
Carillon Point Corporate Exhibition, Kirkland, WA Duct And Cover, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM
Portrait Of My Mother, Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA
Integral Figure, Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, Ben Lomond, CA
Outside In / Inside Out, Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

“Ta Mara”, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA
When the Grass Lies Still, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
American Portfolio III, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
deBASHery: A Summer Night of Passion, Henry Art Gallery
The Birds, Atelier 31 Invitational Group Exhibition, Kirkland, WA

Augen Gallery, Portland, OR
Atelier 31, Kirkland, WA
Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
Major Works by NW Masters & Selected Artists, Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle, WA
Be My Valentine, Bemis Building Invitational Valentine’s Show Art & All That Jazz, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

Like Cats & Dogs, Pratt Fine Arts Center at CoCA, Seattle, WA
National Print Show 9, Janet Turner Print Gallery, Chico, CA
Art in Port Townsend, P. T. Arts Commission, Juror-Brian Wallace, WA
2nd Annual Juried Print Exhibition, Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA
Stitches, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL

Color & Emotion - The Abstract Show, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
Icons Within The Mind, Museum of Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Figure It Out, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA
Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle, WA
Paramount Theatre Group Show, Seattle, WA
Masterworks by Northwest Masters, Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle, WA

Holiday Group Show, Woodside-Braseth Gallery
Thanks - A Show of Women Mentors, A Woman’s Gallery
Celebrating Northwest Artists, MoNA Art Auction, La Conner, WA

Art Dealers Choice, Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle, WA
The Abstracted Artist – Three Artists, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA

Three New Artists, Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle, WA
The Transformed Box, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
Celebrate the Skagit Harvest: Valley Artists, Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle,WA

Shades Of Meaning, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
Three Women Driven To Abstraction, San Juan Community Theater, WA
Dealers' Choice, 34th Annual Holiday Group Exhibition, Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle, WA

Odd & Fanciful Notion, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
Side by Side, Two-Woman Show, San Juan Community Theater, WA

Different Perspectives, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
The Box Show, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor, WA
Heartshow, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA

The Living Sound, Puget Sound Alliance Invitational Show

1985 - ’82
The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, WA

1985 - ‘83
Ravenhouse, Friday Harbor, WA

1984 - ‘82
The Arches, Pacific Science Center

Exclusively Northwest

1981 - ‘82
Earthenworks; La Conner, WA

1980 - ’82
The Burke Museum, Seattle, WA

1980 - ‘82
Island Artisans - Artists' Cooperative Gallery; Friday Harbor, WA

Selected Collections
Ellsworth & Nancy Alvord, Seattle, WA
Arthur Andersen Inc., Detroit, MI
Boeing Corporation, Seattle, WA
Ida Cole, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
Globe Temporaries Catherine Killien, Seattle, WA
Junior League of Seattle, WA
Lambriel Museum, Orcas Island, WA
Lexington Art League, KY
Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA
James & Sherry Raisbeck, Seattle, WA
SAFECO Insurance Companies, Seattle, WA
Seattle University, Seattle, WA
Shadowcatcher Entertainment, Seattle, WA
Kathryn Skinner, Seattle, WA
Swedish Orthopedic Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
Janet Turner Print Museum, Chico, CA
Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Walker, Richer, & Quinn, Seattle, WA
Washington Art Consortium, Seattle, WA
Gordon Woodside, Seattle, WA

Tacoma Glass Museum, Panel Member
Santa Fe Art Institute, Board of Directors, Santa Fe, NM

2002 – 05’
Art Space Projects- Seattle Advisory Board, Minneapolis, MN

Pratt Fine Arts- Capital Campaign Co-Chair and Board of Directors

Seattle Aquarium Society- Architect Selection Committee

2000 – ‘02
Northwest Giving Project

2000 – ‘01
Pratt Fine Arts Center Board, New Facilities Committee, Chair

Pratt Fine Arts Center Task Force 1998 – ‘00 Seattle Arts Commission, Public Art Committee, Vice Chair

1996 –’98
Art Works For Aids - Chair

1996 –’97 
?Art Fair Advisory Board-SAFECO Art Leadership Award chair

1995 – ’05
Washington Women’s Foundation

1995 – ‘00
The Seattle Foundation – Trustee 1995 – ‘01 The Henry Gallery Association–Trustee, Major Gifts Co-Chair

1994 – ‘02
Artist Trust - Advisory Board

1994 – ’98
Global Partnerships – Trustee

1994 – ’96
Art Fair Advisory Board - Co-Chair

1994 – ’95
Seattle Commons Major Gifts Committee

1994 – ‘05
A Territory Resource - Member

1993 – ‘01
Children's Hospital Foundation – Trustee,Treasurer

1995 – ’97
CHF Major Gifts Chair

1989 – ‘94
Skinner Foundation – Chair

1984 – ‘94
Skinner Foundation - Trustee

1978 – 1995
Guild of Natural Scientific Illustrators

1991 – ‘93
Pacific Northwest Grantmakers Forum - Board member

1991 – ‘92
Artist Trust - Vice President

1989 – 1992
Artist Trust Board

The Art Of Discovery, Junior League Of Seattle

Speak For The Trees, Marquand Books, Hardcover, 200 pages

Unleashed, Catherine Eaton Skinner, University Of Washington Press, Woodland Park Zoo Publisher

A People's Field Guide To Shoreline Monitoring, Pen & Ink Illustrations And
Layout; Adopt-A-Beach; Seattle, Wa 1988 The Marine Wildlife Of Puget Sound, The San Juan Islands, And The Strait Of Georgia, Steve Yates, Globe Pequot Press, 66 Plates, 155 Species.

Intertidal Life Of Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Monument, David Duggins, National Parks Department, Cover, Title Page, And All Plates.

Seashore Life Of Puget Sound, The Strait Of Georgia & The San Juan Archipelago, Eugene Kozloff, 50 Plates.

ART NEWS, October Issue, Seattle, WA, 2005
ART Access, Seattle, WA, 2004.
The Journal of the San Juan Islands, WA, 2004.
The Wood River Journal, Sun Valley, ID, 2004.
Pratt Fine Arts Center Auction Catalog, Seattle, WA, 2004.
Duct & Cover, THE Magazine, Santa Fe, NM, 2003.
The Space Between, Best Bets, THE Magazine, Santa Fe, NM, 2003.
Pratt Fine Arts Center Auction Catalog, Seattle, WA, 2003.
Art Access, Seattle, WA, 2000.
Metropolitan Living, Seattle, WA, 2000.
Eastside Journal, Bellevue, WA, 2000.
Pratt Fine Arts Center Auction Catalog, Seattle, WA, 2000.
Summer Catalog, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA, 2000.
Art Guide NW, April – October, Waterworks Gallery, WA, 2000.
Pratt Fine Arts Center Auction Catalog, Seattle, WA, 2000.
Paint Your Own Dream, Artist Trust Endowment News, Seattle, WA, 1999.
Pratt Fine Arts Center Auction Catalog, Seattle, WA, 1999.
Global Partnership, Annual Report; photographs; Seattle, WA, 1998.
Ennis, marketing brochure, color plates; Ennis, TX, 1998.
DIVA, Northwest AIDS Foundation, Interview, Seattle, WA, 1997.
A People's Field Guide to Shoreline Monitoring, pen & ink illustrations and layout; Adopt-A-Beach; Seattle, WA, 1991.
Oregon Coast Intertidal, pen and ink illustration for display and poster, 30" x 52"; 92 marine species, research included, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Design Center, 1989.
Yates, Steve. The Marine Wildlife of Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Strait of Georgia, Globe Pequot Press, 1988. 66 plates illustrating 155 species.
Simmenstad, Charles. Tideflats of the Pacific Northwest, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, 1987. All plates.
Kiosk, University of Washington Laboratory, Sea Grant. Four pen and ink plates, 1983.
Permaloy sign, 24" x 60" panorama, 180 degree view on Mt. Young, English Camp, National Historic Parks, 1981.
Prehistoric Marine Mammals, The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, 1981. Eight display plates in pen & ink, water color and air brush.
Estuarine Channels of the Pacific Northwest, Charles Simmenstad, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, 1982. 15 plates.
Duggins, David. Intertidal Life of Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Monument, National Parks Department, 1980.Cover,title page and all plates.
Eaton, Charles. Management Plan and Baseline Study for Goose and Deadman Island,The Nature Conservancy and the University of Washington, 1978. Cover and 5 plates.
Kozloff, Eugene. Seashore Life of Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia & the San Juan Archipelago, 1973. 50 plates.

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